Thanks everyone for coming to the new issue release party of Guerrilla Skatezine the worst skateboarding fanzine in Europe. We want to explain now how we made the whole «Covid-friendly» event hosted by El Sotano BCN respecting all necessary sanitary measures… was a bit hard but we loved how it ended!

El Sotano BCN was the best place for make the thing
Everything was ready for the night

The organization was a bit complex since we could only have less than the half of the capacity at the El Sotano BCN which meant that we could only be fifteen people. For this reason, we came up with the idea of running the event in one-hour guidelines where these fifteen people could enjoy the show and give way to another next group of people: The role of the security guard was very important so who’s better than our friend Pablo Ibaute to perform this task!

Pablo Ibaute the best secuirty guard ever but the only thing is that we don't assure your beer will be safe with him

The plan of the night was The Epoca‘s corner by Stewie Petar, Panama Lab showroom by Dave Terranova, the «Confinement Feelings» by Feel Skateboarding and of course, the Guerrilla Skatezine’s new issue release.

Then we would screening the first announcement of Epoca the upcoming brand created by Stewie Petar filmed and edited by Hugo Valverde and as the show culmination «MONOGRAFICO» the official premiere of the last audiovisual piece by Feel Skateboarding.

Confinement Feelings by Feel Skateboarding
Epoca's corner by Stewie Petar
Panama Lab showroom by Dave Terranova
Guerrilla Skatezine #8 by Rafael Álvarez
Turning on the screenings!
First group of the event
Second group of the event
Third group of the event

Oh! A wild Stewie Petar‘s surprise birthday showed up too!

Fourth group with the Stewie's Petar birthday surprise

Thanks to El Sotano BCN for giving us the opportunity to make this happen with his incredible space. We can’t end this lines without shouting out to Dave Terranova, Stewie Petar and Marcos Gomez for the full support at the event organization and obviously to all the brands that have made this new issue possible.

The accurators of the night: Petar Stantchev Rafael Álvarez and Dave Terranova

*If you are a skateshop and want some copies please put in contact with DIY DISTRIBUTION and be one of the first shop to get it.


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Guerrilla Skatezine #6 is officially in the streets!

Thanks a lot FTC BarcelonaFire Island and every beauty person that came to the launch party for made this possible 💖 This issue is particularly for the loving memory of Jake Phelps your passion for skateboarding and legacy will last FOREVER!



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Buenas sensaciones y muchas risas en nuestra primera exposición artística en Jerez de la Frontera la cual seguirá de forma permanente en el bar La Libería.

Te invitamos a que te des un voltio por allí para ver las obras de los autores Rafael Álvarez, Carlos Peraita, Juani Vergara, Pedro Terrero y Ruperto Herrador.

Fotografías por Juani Vergara