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«Would you live in a world without chimps? Me either. Today marks the moment where chimp industries reveals itself to the world, dedicated to the glorification of earth’s most insane ape. ‘Euro chimp’ is a captivating motion picture filmed on location in Barcelona, Vienna, Berlin, copenhagen and Iceland. Lower your levels of judgement and let chimp industries into your heart» 

Filmed/edited by Karl Dorman and Aimee Harris


Segundo y tercer vídeo de la serie de skateboarding sevillano. En estas entregas patinan Juan Amador, Carlos Peraita, Ruperto Herrador, Pedro Terrero, Carlos Neira, Rodrigo Bernal, Gonzalo Torres, Juani Vergara y Gonzalo Alcolea.

Grabado y editado en Sevilla por Pink Pegassus para The Room Skateshop


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Passage brings you this 19min of lo-fi footage from the city of Breslau.

Featuring: Milton Achinte, Bjorn Hoglund, Dan Stene, Jonatan Drab, Fredrik Winsents, Espen Skarholt, Marcin Jakiel, Vi Duc, Dawid Dubas, Jacek Ostaszewski, Oskar Galewicz, Bartek Górka, Bartek Mateusiak, Milosz Światek, Michal Mazurkiewicz, Dawid Gwiazdzinski, BARTEK Ksyta, Łukasz Pawlicki, Pawel Wolak, Kuba Freter and Christopher Vasquez.

Filmed and edited by Marcin Jakiel


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«LUNCH» is the effect of me being addicted to filming skateboarding, and not having any idea what else I can do with my life for last 6 years.

I realeased video on 16GB Pendrives. I’ve put there acapella version of the video so you can play your music and still hear the sounds of skating. They are still for sale for 12€ + 4€ shipping.

Thanks to everyone involved!

Words Krzysztof Godek
Filmed and edited Krzysztof Godek

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