Countdown is a reflection of how we understand the world around us and the time we have left in it. Even if it’s sometimes hard to deal with this crazy life we’re living, this is a reminder to appreciate all the valuable things we have, but which are sometimes hard to see.

Starring Pol Catena, Ebou Sanyang, Sergi “Buchi”, Victor Gracia, Nico Cook, Frankie Rendón, Andrés Castro, Andrew Verde, Matisse Banc, Emili Llebaria, Gelek González, Pol Amadó, Luidgi Gaydu and Kiko Pérez.

Words by Nico Cook
Filmed and edited by Nico Cook
Additional filming by Ebou Sanyang, Adri Aldana and Jairo Torralba
Motion graphics by Sergi «Buchi»