How would you describe what is VAGUE and what do you think that makes the difference from other magazines?

Vague is a magazine containing mostly skateboarding, beer, art and music and anything else. We like the aspect of it being ‘unspecified’ so we can feature what we want be it any country or genre of topic. We like it to appeal to a wide demographic.

Who are the members that make VAGUE Skatemag right now? Where you guys from? How it all started? I love the name you have used to call this magazine!

Guy Jones (Writer), Reece Leung (Photographer), Hannah Martin (Designer) + Heywood Ward (Public Relations) make up Vague mag and we are all equally as Vague as each other therefore communication can be tricky but it’s how we work most effectively. The name was because we all got called ‘Vague’ at school and we’re bullied for being so ‘Vague’ so the word has stuck with us all of our lives.

Kyron Davis / Wallie Melon / Photo: Reece Leung

I personally love the way you guys mix ART and SKATEBOARDING. Was this planned from the beginning?

This was always planned at the beginning and we feel these two aspects always compliment each other. We like the artistic aspect to the magazine and think it sets us apart from the usual skate mags out there. We have lots of friends who work in the art scene and tons of skateboarders work within it. Art is heavily used with in the beer and music scene too so it all links up perfectly for us. If people approach us regarding a particular genre of art we usually have good links to source.

We know the colours is a key to get the attention of the reader so… Imagine that VAGUE only can be printed on black and white; Do you think It would change a lot?

I think if Vague could only be printed in black and white then it would affect it massively, we’d all only be able to process the magazine in the same way a dog does, and as much as I like dogs, I have an equal fondness for colour.

Rikk Fields / BS Noseblunt / Photo: Reece Leung

At this point I’m sure my Spanish lads will want to get a copy of your magazine. How can we get it in Spain? I think it’s time for a Spanish Dist. to get in touch with you guys!

Currently we have no distribution in Spain; although that’s something we are working on and hope to have sorted out for the future, so if anyone wants to hook us up, let us know!

In the meantime if you want it you can get it directly from us, through the dark web where it’s currently trading for Bitcoin or by offering us illicit substances. We’ll also trade mags for trips abroad!

Okay so lets go with the serious questions. How long do you use the same underpants? I have heard that putting them three days in a row is illegal in some countries…

Here at Vague we all share underwear. To decide the order and who gets to go first we usually play a game of rock / paper / scissor, with the victor being crowned the clean underwear king or queen and the loser left with 4 day old skids until wash day comes about again – I’m assuming this is common practice in most European countries?!

Korahn Gayle / Kickflip / Photo: Joel Peck

Which is the perfect skateboarder «image» for you? The one who has all the new brand clothes and smells like Hugo Boss or the drunk one with broken pants and half teeth?

The perfect skateboarder image to me is the one who’s wearing the bin bag tied around the waist with a shoelace, who smells like they’ve been playing a game of “human portaloo” all evening on the off chance of having a “juliebaby” piss on their face and who just will turn up at the airport for a trip with nothing but their passport and board. 

Thank you guys!  Hope to see VAGUE in the skateshops of Spain coming soon! Well I guess is time to shout out someone and get your last words in these weird pages.

Shout outs to all the lovely people who have backed us and supported our cause up so far!

Liisa Chisholm / FS Blunt to the Moon / Photo: Rich West

Text by Heywood Ward
Ugly collages and interview by Rafael Álvarez