«Workhorse» a journey through the eyes of those who call Barcelona home and those who pass through. Filmed over a span of two years with few setbacks like a hard drive failure, leading to the loss and eventual recovery of crucial footage.

Grab a beer and enjoy!

Filmed & edited by Klavs Laivenieks

Featuring: Matheus Dubronks, Wanja Bach, Benjamin Winther, Vinicius Santos, Ramon Muniz, Mats Johansson, Mario Luraschi, Tim Janke, Filip Wojnowski, Daniel Ledermann, Domi Maul, Kevin Welter, Charles Lokura, Robert Born, Marin Perez, Bart Mlodystach, Maxime Genin, Timo Meier, Weezy, Roberto Chaves, Kerwin Miranda, Roly Smith, Julien Merour, Ulpf Andersson, Eric Silva.

Eric Silva / FS Flip / Photo by Klavs Laivenieks
Roberto Chaves / Wallride / Photo by Klavs Laivenieks
Matheus Dubronks / Kickflip / Photo by Klavs Laivenieks