Im talking with Jérémy Durand aka “The God” of the Skatezine’s world right? Why do you think that people put you the nickname of “The God” ? Okay nones call you “The God” but I would like to make it happen… How are you Jey? Tell us something about your life.

“God” ?! What the fuck ?! Hahah never heard ‘bout that fool ! But some friends call me “Jeysus”… It’s kind of the same right ?! Whatever, so I’m 34 years young, born in Savoie, France. Taking care of my baby Versus since 2004, sucking at skateboarding since 1998. Trying to sing, and play guitar and / or bass in that band rock’n’roll called “Sacs À Gnôle”. Oh, and yeah girls, I’m single, so hit me up ! Hahaha

You work doing DIY skateparks! Isnt that a dream? Its more hard that it seems? I can imagine it: beers, friends and muscle cramps…

It’s like skateboarding, it’s kind of a love / hate relationship. There are some good days, and there are also some bad days. I mean, it can be so rewarding to skate something you planned and they built with your friends. But sometimes, you’re dead tired, bad load of concrete, shit weather and all, I mean, I already asked myself what the fuck was I doing laying on the ground rubbing that shit…

A little break in the DIY Skatepark / Photo: Alban Pernet

Okay so you are the guy behind Versus Skatezine. How was the day that you decided to change your life? We all know that being a magazine owner it’s like hyphotecate the rest of your days.

I’ve been a skatemag fanatic since the day I started pushing the board. Years later I made an Art School in Chambéry, then studied graphic design in Montreal, with the dream of working for a skatemag in the back of my head. I sent so many applications, I barely got any answer. That was a huge desilusion, and I ended up having to work for some crappy fashion companies to be able to eat. I hated it so bad. Finally, one day, I found an old FTBX (French Skatezine from the 80’s). I instantly felt in love. I was like: “Fuck, why not starting my own ?!”. And here I am right now, 14 years later, 160 issues deep.

I love Versus Skatezine because you make crazy collages and express yourselfl without fear. Had you ever got any problems with this?

Thanks mate I really appreciate. No, never really had serious problems, I mean for sure some guys weren’t too happy about the way Versus works sometimes. A few guys refused to answer my questions, but fuck it, that’s the cool thing about barely not having any ads. I’m 100% free. I do whatever the fuck I want. And this is priceless!

Versus Skatezine's old issue cover

What do you think about Instagram? If I start to follow you, you will follow me back?

I mean I have Instagram since the day we’ve met in Sevilla, so that’s only a few months… But I was using FB since a while already. Anyway, I hate it for so many reasons, but I’ve to be honest, that’s pretty handy to share Versus here and there. That’s fast and cheap. But, that’s pretty much it.

I know you travel too much (yes man I know it) Where have been your favorite places to skate? Could you tell me the main difference between skating in your hometown and skating around the globe?

Skateboarding isn’t only the act of skating for me. Travelling is also a big part of it. So yeah, that’s true, I’ve been to many places already, but it’s hard to say which one was my favorite… Skatewise, Copenhagen, Melbourne, Barcelona just to name a few were outstanding for example. I live in a small village in the Alps. That’s the place to be if you wanna go snowboarding. Beside that, there is not much to do skatewise. I mean, the first skateshop is 1h drive and the first acceptable skatepark is something like 1h30 drive. That’s probably also a reason why I love to travel so much, because there is pretty much nothing to skate where I live! Anyway, that’s why, some friends and me started to build this legal DIY in my hometown. To give the kids a place to train for the Olympics ! Hahah

G.I. Jey / Pivot / Photo: Alban Pernet

Let’s start with the important things: What do you think of people who sleep with their eyes open?

It’s weird right? Skating with your eyes closed would be even more weird nah?!

Okay so if you had to choose between a romantic dinner with Kim Kardashian or going to skate with your friends in a sunny day with a 6 pack… What kind of beer you would choose?

Can something be romantic with such a person ? Fuck it, if it’s sunny, rather have a blast with my friends outside man ! Beer ? The local one for sure ! Take care if you’re in Belgium, beer is great, but strong! Hahaha

VERSUS SKATEZINE! How we (spaniards) can find this fabulous publication on internet?

Pretty much all the issues are on my webside, versus-skatezine.ca or on Issuu. Hit me up on FB, if I’m not too broke, I’ll send you a copy, it’s so much better than those soul-less internet links…

This ends like life itself but glad we had moments like this! Thanks bro (since when do I use the word “bro”?) The world is too big for people without much money like us but I hope to meet you again in some place around the capitalist part of Europe. Now with your permission I let you for finish this interview sir.

Man, that was a pleasure. Was great to meet and talk with you. Guerrilla fucking rocks, keep on keeping on “duuuuuude” hahah… Sounds as stupid as “bro” nah?! Hope to see you soon again! Cheers!

Jérémy Durand the local hero / Photo: Alban Pernet

Interview by Rafael Álvarez
Text by Jérémy Durand
Cover photo by Alban Pernet