Luka Pinto the fastest boy I’ve seen skating in my life talks about The Jersey Scene and how he started skating in this beautiful city – You can read this interview in the Guerrilla Skatezine #2 click here for get your copy! 

My uncle baught me a skateboard when I was 3 years old and I used to push around on my knees on it, my dad used to take me for walks when I was a bit older and my sister Milly introduced me to ramps (it actually took me a number of years to kickflip)

Shortly after the skatepark closed for winter and never ended up reopening Karl Payne and his friends put their money together to have a skateshop in town called Primo, which pretty much rebooted the scene in Jersey and brought all of us cats closer together. The spots in Jersey are quit weird and shit, no marble streets or banging ledges and all that. When we go away everyones hyped to skate real spots and it makes yo go ham, although Jersey has very nice hills and «alternative» spots.

Luka skating alternative spot
Luka and Dylan filming days

We did have an abbandoned brewery for about a year on the outskirts of town where we pretty much built a skatepark inside. All the electricity was left on and we realised that we could turn of the lights there for night time sessions and plug the cameras into charge and listen to music on a radio. It was a proper paradise for us but like all things, too many people found out about it and they closed it down. So we learned our shits in the streets baby!

Luka Pinto / Blunt to fakie / Photo: Karl Payne
Luka Pinto / 50-50 pop out / Photo: Karl Payne

When everybody got a bit older people started moving away. I met my boys in Kingston (London) when I started doing art at uni there. I stayed in London for 2 years and this time two friends from home Dylan Powella and Glen Fox went on a road trip throught France and Spain to meet our homies from Murcia. This is when we filmed a lot for our video: Conexiones. Also Glen got asked to skate for Magenta and shortly after moved to Bordeaux to continue his skateboarding and painting. Another crew for Jersey moved to Bristol and our other homie Jack Wilson from JWTV has gone traveling with his gf Jodie.

So the crew is half off doing their thing and the other half: Me, Dylan, Dillon, Damen, Ryan, Karl, Roberts and all the next generation are still skateing and working on shit here. Jersey is a real nice place with a strong crew so I hope to see you here sometime!

Cheers Rafa!

Photo cover by Max Crowe