Alexandre Signor is that kind of guy who was born with springs in his legs. It’s difficult to explain what I felt the first time I saw him skate in Seville so there is his instagram (maybe you will understand me).

Alex huge flip drop in / Photo: Yann Quenez

Hey Alex glad to have you here! How are you man?
All good, thanks for having me.

Where were you born and where are you living at the moment?
I was born in Pont-L’Abbé, Brittany, France in 1996. Now living and studying translation in Angers, France.

What is your favorite spot?
I would say the little platform surrounded by a greenish rail in Paris, not sure if the spot has a name but it’s really fun to skate, good times.

Alex Signor / FS Nosegrind / Photo: Yann Quenez

And your favorite food?
Chicken for sure, it’s the best meal ever ahah.

Usually what do you do before/after skate sesh?
Usually before skating I just say hi to the homes, talk for a bit to know what’s going on and then just go skate. After skating it’s pretty much the same, chill with homies, smoke a cigarette, drink water and just enjoy the time with the guys!

Imagine if you could live and skate where you want… where you will go?
For the spots and the overall skating I’d say Paris, but living there seems horrible… so maybe somewhere in Germany, I heard people are nice over there! Plus, beer and kebabs are cheaper than in France so that’s always a good point ahaha.

Alex Signor / BS Nosegrind to revert / Photo: Yann Quenez

Are you getting help skating right now?
Yes actually I receive stuff from Etnies, Jart, V7, Dezert Point and Jerome Distribution <3

C’est fini bro! Something to say?
Shout out to Nikit, Tibo, Grizzly, Charles and all the good times we spent in Barcelona last month filming for the ¿Bolsita? video! By the way, our skateboard brand «Gogole» is out now! If you’re interested, check out our website at 

Cheers Rafa! :))

Cover portrait and video by Charles Pigneul
Skateboarding pics by Yann Quenez