Kuba Baczkowski capted my attention since Krzysztof Godek send me a copy of Barrier Skatemag with his “Camper Vibes” article inside. Strong care of the frame and insane fisheye angles made me scream “Kurwa!” and immediately I set out to look for more of his work. Check his webpage if you like skateboarding photos, portraits and more.

Hi Kuba! First of all congratulations for your cover in SOLO Skatemag! Did you expected that?

Hi mate! Thank you. No, not really. When I took this photo I knew that it fits perfect for a cover, but I didn’t expect that. Nice surprise.

Michal Juras / FS Wallride / Foto por Kuba Baczkowski

The people that is reading this probally come from Spain so; How its living and skating in Poland – Where the weather normally is cold as fuck?

Hehe, it’s not so bad. We have a lot of good spots and skateparks. Spots in Warsaw are similar to NYC or Berlin style, but little bit more rough. About weather it’s like 3-4 months winter here when is really shitty, snowy/rainy and windy and temperature is like -7 till -15 celsius deegres sometimes. Rest of the year is ok, warm spring, hot tropical summer, and polish gold autumn. If you want to know more about skateboard scene in Warsaw you should watch my friends production Kuba’s Kaczmarczyk «Grey Area» video and Filharmonia Skateboards clips. Really good stuff.

Biszuks / Hippiejump /Foto por Kuba Baczkowski

Did you started into photography thanks to skateboarding? Actually you only shoot skateboarding photos?

Yes exactly. I’m in skateboarding since 1996. With photography similar, because my father is a fan of analog B&W photography so I grow up with this … after many years as skater I decide to buy a first DSLR «pro» camera and I started focusing more on photography. It was canon 40D in 2008 I think? I love skateboarding and this is my biggest passion in my life so skateboarding photography is for me naturally and gives me the most satisfaction. Of course I’m not shooting only skateboarding, also like shooting Ballet, people, streets… generally I’m trying to be on the artistic side of photography.

Michal Juras / Ollie / Foto por Kuba Baczkowski

Can you tell us something about Barrier Skatemag? How do you started it?

Barrier Skatemag is my personal project which I started in the same moment when Grey Area come out (5 years ago). It was a good moment to start own mag and the GA was the impulse. It’s printed mag about skateboarding, art and photography and it’s mostly showing polish skate scene from my point of view. And I also wanted to create platform to publication my, and many talented photographers works around the world.

Michal Zarzycki / Pivot to Fakie / Cracovia / Foto por Kuba Baczkowski

Now an important one. What was the best food that you have tried till this moment?

I love to eat! Hmm I’m big fan of sushi, but I never have been in Japan. Moaroccan Tajine (with lamb) was tasty.

Okay that’s all, thanks you Kuba!

Thanks you too mate. Cheers!